About Us

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“Tangerine” is a refurbished entrepreneurial model for ASFA students, (Atharva School Of Fashion and Arts), initiative taken by Mr. Sunil Rane, Executive President, Atharva, which was re-commenced in June, 2018 to learn about “Fashion” practically and wisely. Yes! Wisely too, in terms of Garment Construction, Color Dyeing, Embroideries, Fabric Printing, Laser Cutting, Fabric Manipulation, Origami and many other techniques involved. The most important thing is how to converse in the Fashion Industry and how does it work!


Tangerine used to be an in-house store, but now it is being taken on another level when students’ enthusiasm was seen every year with a great pomp, exceeding expectations. Students will be given an opportunity to showcase and sell their best design styles online and in the store and begin with the Chapter One of “Entrepreneurship”. Fashion students here are being exposed to other areas of “Entrepreurship, Visual Merchandising and Store Management” which no other Fashion institute provides.

So, today every Atharvaiete apart from ASFA students, have a wonderful opportunity of being updated in terms of Fashion and Style as they have an inhouse re-furbished brand (with new ideas and innovation), Tangerine.

TANGERINE as “Label”

“Tangerine- a style to every story” is a clothing line which means we cater to everybody curve, give a stamped memory to every occasion and style it as grand affair.  The brand includes different ranges and selections with exclusive personal style services. “Tangerine inculcates services such as fashion counseling, personal shopping, E-Shopping, Celebrity Styling, Customer wardrobe planning and special ordering to customers during store hours. Most important aspect of the brand is the name to be taken on an international haute couture level in terms of business.

 “Tangerine” is established with the aim of producing fashion for women of all sectors. It definitely focuses on the quality, designs, latest trends, value for the business market and moving to another level as a whole. ‘Quality’ and ‘Innovation’ would be our key factors that will help us sell our brand that will ensure that all our clothes meet and even surpass our customers’ expectations.

Tangerine’s Vision is to be the best garment hub, execute superbly, increase profitability by maintaining quality, and build a great designing team and a winning culture.